Create a Superblog and connect your domain in 2 minutes

Video tutorial:

Text tutorial:

Login at

  • Click create new site.

  • Enter a site name. This will be public and visible in the header if no logo is uploaded. Ex: Robin’s Blog

  • Choose a unique name for your blog’s address. This will be your public address if you don’t have a custom domain. Ex:

  • Give a description to your site so that people can read it and visit your main website. This will be displayed below every blog post.

Click manage on your site and navigate to ‘Domain’ section in the sidebar.

  • You can connect your own domain to superblog. Ex:

  • Once your domain is connected on superblog, you need to update CNAME with your domain hosting provider.

  • Messing with DNS settings can be intimidating, no worries, detailed instructions are shown on the same screen.

Complete version: Getting started with Superblog | Superblog