Access superblog content via API

Superblog is designed from the ground up to be compatible with other software stacks. So, it’s very easy to access your superblog’s posts, tags, authors etc via API.

This is your RSS feed:

You can do a GET request and render the response data (most recent posts) on mobile or website.
It is RSS 2.0 spec-compliant and hence can be used with any other software too. for example zapier or zohoworkflow.

This is your sitemap:
You can get all of your site’s content via GET request and utilize the data as you want.

Real world examples:
RSS Feed

Visit ‘Thoughts’ section on to see how the posts from are embedded via code.

This is the most effective way for front-end developers to read your blog’s content.

In case if you want to build a custom solution on top of Superblog’s CMS, the entire Superblog dashboard is built using REST standards. There is no documentation for that but you can view Chrome’s developer tools to figure the rest endpoints and use that in your custom application.